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How to get playdough out of carpet (3 easy methods)

Playdough is one of those things that always manages to find its way onto carpets. And while it’s not the end of the world, it can be a bit of a pain to get out. If you’ve ever tried to remove playdough from carpet before, you know that it can be tricky. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at three easy methods designed to get playdough out of carpet. 

How to get playdough out of carpet with vinegar

It happens to the best of us – our child is playing with playdough, and suddenly, we find a brightly-colored blob on the carpet. Before you reach for the panic button, take a deep breath and know that there are a few easy ways to get playdough out of your carpet. 

The first step is to remove as much of the playdough as possible – a spoon or butter knife can help with this. 

Once you’ve removed the bulk of the playdough, it’s time to focus on the stains. A mixture of vinegar and water can be used to treat light stains, while a stronger solution of Oxyclean or laundry detergent may be necessary for tougher spots. 

Once you have the mixture created, apply the solution to the stain and scrub gently with a brush before blotting dry. 

How to get playdough out of carpet with WD-40

As another option, you can remove playdough from carpet using WD-40. To do this, use a dull knife or spatula to scrape up as much of the playdough as possible. Next, spray a generous amount of WD-40 onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, use a damp cloth to scrub the WD-40 into the playdough stain until it disappears. With this simple trick, you can easily remove playdough stains from your carpet — no matter how big or small they may be.

How to get playdough out of carpet with ice

If you don’t have WD-40 or vinegar handy, you can also try out some ice. 

To remove playdough using ice, place a bag of ice over the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. This will harden the playdough and make it easier to remove. Once the playdough is hardened, use a blunt object, like a spoon or butter knife, to scrape it off of the carpet. After you’re finished scraping off the playdough, vacuum up any remaining bits of playdough and you’re done! With this simple method, you’ll have your carpet looking good as new in no time.

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Our top 3 grey carpet wall color ideas

Grey carpets are a popular choice for homes because they are neutral and versatile. However, many people feel like they don’t know what colors to pair with them to create a cohesive look. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry! These three wall color ideas will help you get started.

3 wall colors that look great with grey carpet

Choosing the right color walls to go with grey carpeting can be a challenge. On one hand, you want the walls to complement the carpet and create a cohesive look. On the other hand, you don’t want the walls to be too matchy-matchy. Luckily, there are a few colors that tend to look great with grey carpets. 

White Walls: One popular option is white. This color creates a clean and fresh look that can make any space feel more open and airy. White walls provide a crisp, clean backdrop that makes colors pop and rooms look spacious. When paired with grey carpeting, white walls help to create a feeling of calm and sophistication. The neutral color palette also has the added benefit of being easy to customize with accent colors and accessories. Whether you’re looking to create a serene retreat or a stylish gathering space, white walls and grey carpeting provide the perfect foundation.

Pale Blue Walls: Pale blue walls can help to create a feeling of space and light in a room, making it appear larger and brighter. The cool, delicate hue also has a calming effect, making it ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing spaces. When paired with grey carpet, the two colors complement each other perfectly, creating a stylish and serene atmosphere. The key is to choose the right shade of blue – too light and the walls will look washed out, too dark and the room will feel cramped. A pale blue with grey undertones is ideal, as it will help to open up the space while providing a soothing backdrop for any furniture or décor.

Terracotta Walls: If you want something a little bit more vibrant, try using a rich terracotta. Terracotta walls look good with grey carpet because the two colors complement each other well. Terracotta is a warm, earthy color that brings a sense of grounding and stability to a space. It can also be quite vibrant, adding an energetic and vibrant quality to a room. Grey, on the other hand, is a cool, neutral color that can help to offset the heat of terracotta. It can also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to a space. The two colors work well together because they create a cohesive and balanced look.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a wall color that you love and that fits with your personal style. With so many great options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

What color furniture looks good with grey carpet?

When choosing furniture to go with grey carpet, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, consider the overall tone of the room. If you want a light and airy feel, then white or light-colored furniture would be a good choice. 

For a more dramatic look, opt for dark-colored furniture. You can also mix and match different colors and shades to create a unique look.

Another thing to consider is the pattern of the carpet. If it is a solid color, you have more freedom to experiment with different furniture colors. If the carpet has a pattern, you may want to stick with colors that complement the design. 

Whatever you choose, remember that grey is a versatile color that can be used in many different ways. With a little bit of creativity, you can find the perfect furniture to go with your grey carpet.

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Does baking soda stain carpet?

If you’ve ever spilled baking soda on your carpet, you may be wondering, “Does baking soda stain carpet?” However, baking soda is a versatile ingredient that can be used for baking,  and deodorizing, and yes — even cleaning. That being said, there are situations where baking soda can also cause staining on carpeting. 

Does baking soda stain carpet?

Baking soda is a popular kitchen ingredient that can also be used for cleaning. It’s known for its ability to absorb odors, so it’s often used in refrigerators and laundry rooms. But does baking soda stain carpet?

Baking soda is actually quite gentle on carpet, and it’s unlikely to cause any staining. However, if you’re using it to clean up a spill or remove a stain, it’s important to take care not to scrub the carpet too hard. This could damage the fibers and lead to permanent staining.

If you’re concerned about staining, you can always test baking soda on an inconspicuous area of the carpet before using it on a larger area. Simply sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the area and wait a few minutes to see if any staining occurs. If there’s no sign of staining, you can proceed with using baking soda on the rest of the carpet.

How to clean carpet with baking soda

Baking soda is a common household item with a multitude of uses, one of which is stain removal. As a mild abrasive, baking soda can be effective at removing stains from many different surfaces, including fabric, carpet, and upholstery. It is especially useful for removing light stains, such as those from coffee or tea. 

To use baking soda on a stain, simply make a paste with water and apply it to the affected area. Gently rub the paste into the stain and then rinse away with clean water. For tougher stains, you may need to repeat this process several times. Baking soda is an inexpensive and effective way to remove many types of stains, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to more harsh chemicals.

What other household items can be used to clean stains from carpets?

When it comes to cleaning carpets, there are a variety of household items that can be used (aside from just baking soda). For example, salt can be used to absorb spills and stains, while baking soda can help to neutralize odors. Vinegar is also a popular choice for cleaning carpets, as it is effective at removing dirt and grime. In addition, many people also use hydrogen peroxide to clean carpets, as it can help to brighten and whiten the fabric. 

However, it is important to remember that hydrogen peroxide can also bleach fabrics, so it is important to test it on an inconspicuous area first. 

Overall, there are a variety of household items that can be used to clean carpets effectively, and you don’t always need to spend a ton of money at a hardware store to clean up a spill or stain.

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What is wall to wall carpet?

Carpet. It’s soft, it’s comfy, and it can make your home look cozy and inviting. Wall-to-wall carpeting is a great way to add some extra warmth and comfort to your living space. But what is wall-to-wall carpeting, exactly? Is wall to wall carpet trending and how do you install it? Let’s break it down.

What is wall to wall carpet?

Wall-to-wall carpet is a type of carpet that is installed over the entire floor surface of a room. It is held in place by adhesive tape or tack strip around the perimeter of the room, and it can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, wool, and more. 

Wall-to-wall carpeting is an inexpensive way to cover a floor and can help to reduce noise levels and provide insulation. It is also available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any décor. However, wall-to-wall carpeting can be difficult to install and may require professional installation. In addition, it can be difficult to clean and may require special care to prevent damage.

Is wall to wall carpet out of style?

Wall-to-wall carpeting was once a status symbol, a sign of wealth and luxury. In the 1950s, it became increasingly popular in middle-class homes as a way to add comfort and style. 

However, over time, attitudes towards carpeting have changed. Many people now see it as dated and difficult to maintain. As a result, hardwood floors have become the flooring of choice for many homeowners. 

While wall-to-wall carpeting may be out of style, it can still be a practical and attractive option for some homes. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. 

Carpeting is generally more affordable than hardwood floors and can be easier to install. It is also softer and warmer underfoot, making it ideal for rooms that are used frequently. However, carpets are more likely to show wear and tear, and they can be difficult to clean. Allergies are another consideration, as carpets can trap dust, pollen, and other allergens. 

Ultimately, the best flooring option depends on the needs of the homeowner.

How to install wall to wall carpeting

In order to install wall to wall carpet, you will need the following materials: a measuring tape, a hammer, nails, carpet padding, and carpet. 

First, measure the length and width of the room where you will be installing the carpet. Next, purchase enough carpeting to cover the entire surface area of the room, plus an additional three to four inches for wiggle room. Once you have your materials, unroll the carpet padding and cut it to size using the measurements you took earlier. Then, nail the padding into place along the perimeter of the room.

Next, unroll the carpet and place it on top of the padding. Starting at one corner of the room, use a utility knife to cut the carpet to size. Make sure to leave enough extra carpeting at the edges of the room so that it can be tacked into place. 

Finally, use a hammer and nails to secure the edges of the carpeting to the floor. Wall-to-wall carpeting is an easy way to add comfort and style to any home. With a little time and effort, you can easily install it yourself.

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Is white carpet a bad idea?

Is white carpet a bad idea? Lots of people wonder this question. This is because white carpet can look really amazing in the right spaces. 

However, we all know the downfalls of anything white. You can’t even wear a white shirt without spilling something on it. So how are you supposed to permanently place white carpet in a room and expect that carpet to remain white?

Despite this, white carpet isn’t necessarily a bad idea for absolutely everyone. And in some cases, it may even be considered a… good idea. 

Let’s cover some of the questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not it’s a good idea for your situation.

What room is it for?

As a rule of thumb, it’s not typically recommended to install white carpet in a room that receives a high amount of traffic. For example, you may want to steer away from the family room or bedrooms. However, white carpet might be an option for a sitting room or an office space. Just make sure the office space is reserved for computer work and not crafting.

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Do you have children?

If you have children — whether they’re toddlers, pre-teens, or teens — you should probably hold off on the white carpet. Even when you have older children, they’re still going to forget to take off their shoes, drop snacks, spill liquids, and drag outside stuff inside. Unless you are 100% certain that your kids can follow rules and remember them, white carpet usually isn’t a good idea.

Do you have pets?

Along the same lines as children, pets can be a huge issue with white carpet. But this will depend on what type of animal you have, whether or not it’s an inside or outside dog, and of course, if it’s potty trained. Let’s say you have an older cat that doesn’t shed and usually sticks to the same room. In this case, you’d probably be fine installing white carpet in another area of your home and remain confident that your cat won’t damage it.

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Will you be able to maintain it?

White carpet shows everything, and if you aren’t able to regularly vacuum and shampoo the carpet, then it’s likely not a good idea. You’ll want to vacuum on a weekly basis, and you’ll always want to have stain remover ready at a moment’s notice. On top of this, you’ll probably want to work in professional shampooing every couple of months. I

How upset will you be if it gets dirty?

At some point, the carpet will probably get dirty. Mud might be tracked in. A glass could spill. Something will happen that will lead to a temporary or permanent blotch on your white carpet. Whatever ends up happening, are you going to be emotionally and financially okay with it? Will you be upset? Will your day be ruined? Will you think about it for a long time? Are you going to have the finances available to fix it? Are you able to afford the loss in investment? Depending on your answers to these questions, white carpet may or may not be a good idea for you.

How often are you willing to replace it?

Speaking of finances, buying and installing new flooring isn’t exactly cheap. If you invest all this money and time into new white carpet, you need to understand that this carpet probably won’t last as long as other colors and types of flooring. Because of this, you need to be financially ready to replace it sooner than you normally would have to. Or at the very least, you need to be okay with allowing your carpet to look a little rough.

Are you ready to enforce rules?

Let’s say you install white carpet in your home, and it looks gorgeous. Do you have the type of personality that’s required to enforce strict rules regarding what isn’t allowed on your new flooring? This typically involves no shoes, no food, no drinks, and no rough housing. This includes asking guests to remove their shoes, and kids to likely avoid the room altogether. If you aren’t willing to stick to your guns and enforce these types of rules, then you should probably avoid white carpet in your house.

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Is garage carpet a good idea?

Is garage carpet a good idea? The answer to this question depends. It depends on why you want the garage carpet, what you do in your garage, and what type of carpet you pick for your garage. 

Let’s break this down a bit more.

What kind of carpet do you want for your garage?

If you want carpet in your garage, then it definitely can’t be the normal carpet you would use inside your home. This standard type of carpet will not work. Not only will it get damaged very quickly, but it’s also a fire hazard. This means you can’t resort to using leftover carpet from a previous home install.

Carpet made for living rooms and bedrooms can be hard to clean and can lead to a variety of issues if exposed to the wrong elements. Not only is it subject to mold and mildew, but if any automotive fluid is leaked onto the carpet, it can lead to a fire. Even the tiniest of sparks can cause a fire.

What type of carpet can go in the garage?

In some instances, you may really want to install carpet in the garage — even if it is prone to getting dirty. Maybe you want to keep an animal in there from time to time, convert the garage to a living space, or just make it look really nice. If any of these are the case, there are certain types of carpet that are able to withstand the garage environment. 

Typically, this means you need to settle for a carpet that is made of Olefin synthetic fibers or polypropylene fibers. This is because these materials are usually moisture-resistant and less susceptible to water damage and mildew. So much so, that these are often used in the interior of a vehicle

What are the pros and cons of garage carpet

Pros of garage carpet:

  • Looks nice 
  • Anti-slip
  • Vacuum to clean, as opposed to sweeping and mopping
  • Can sometimes be cheaper than indoor carpet
  • Can keep the garage warmer

Cons of garage carpet:

  • Not great if used around large projects or woodworking
  • Can become worn quickly
  • Doesn’t work well when heavy objects or automobiles are driven in and out on a consistent basis
  • Can be more difficult to clean up spills 
  • Can be difficult to move items with wheels around

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11 carpet ideas for living rooms that’ll give you major inspo

If you’re looking for a few good carpet ideas for living rooms, then we’ve got you covered. 

When it comes to the most popular room in the house, most people opt for a traditional beige color. While beige does look incredible in a living room, that’s not the only choice you have. In fact, carpet ideas for living rooms can expand to include blue, black, patterned, and even mint green. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite living room carpet colors to get those creative juices flowing.


If you’re into sleek and modern designs, then consider playing off the shades of your furniture, paint, carpet, and linen to create a monochromatic environment. Low pile gray carpet works great for this.


If you are going to settle for a beige carpet, consider a high pile beige carpet that complements other similarly neutral tones.

Wall to wall living room carpet

For the last decade or so, wide baseboards have been the go-to — however, more and more, we’re seeing wall-to-wall carpet re-emerging. And we’re loving it.


We’re not sure why more people don’t go for a dark carpet, but a deep charcoal or even a sleek black looks incredible in a living room.

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Patterned carpet is an easy way to liven up any space — especially if you’re working with more neutral furniture and paint colors.

White living room carpet

If you’re brave enough to try it, white carpet is a stunning choice for any room in the house. However, if you have small children or pets or you’re prone to spills, you may want to skip this living room carpet idea. 

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Textured carpet doesn’t have to be a crazy color or pattern to brighten up a space. A simple addition of texture can go a long way.

High Pile

Do we love this light gray shade of carpet? Yes. But do we love the high pile nature of the carpet, too? Also yes.

Mint green living room carpet

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to the color of your living room carpet. Even a mint green might look nice — you never know until you explore the possibilities. 

Royal blue carpet

Just because everyone else has multi-toned beige carpet in their living room, doesn’t mean you have to, too. This blue carpet proves it.

Chocolate living room carpet

We absolutely LOVE a deep brown living room carpet. It’s sleek, calming, and clean, and it’s a popular carpet trend that will likely never go away.

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7 amazing black carpet bedroom ideas for your home

If you’re looking for some bold black carpet bedroom ideas, then we’ve got you covered.

Many people tend to think that black is too much for carpet in a home — let alone in the bedroom. However, this is the furthest from the truth.

Dark carpet can look super modern and super calming in the right setting. When paired with the right linens, wall paint, and furniture tones, you can take a boring old bedroom and turn it into a relaxing oasis.

Let’s take a look at 7 really good examples of black carpet bedroom ideas, and as always, don’t forget to save your favorite look for later.

Plush black carpet with dark walls, furniture, and linen

Who knew dark on dark on dark could look so absolutely dreamy? This darker than dark interior design is incredible, and that ultra plush black carpet is the icing on the cake.

Black and white

If you’re not into the black on black look, then why not try white and black? This white walls and white linen paired with the black carpet and the black furniture somehow manages to be both super modern and super cozy at the same time. And we’re totally loving it.

Multi-toned dark carpet with colorful bedding 

This multi-toned (gray, white, and black) carpet paired with the dark wall and the green bedding looks downright incredible. But switch out the green bedding with pink, purple, yellow, or any other color in the rainbow, and it’d still look just as incredible.

Beige and black

If you’re not completely sold on such a dark bedroom, then beige furniture and linen paired with black carpet might be the perfect bedroom for you. Together, these two tones still manage to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, despite such dark bedroom carpet. 

Classic wood furniture with dark bedroom carpet

If you’re really into wood furniture, then dark bedroom carpet might be the perfect look for you. Wood furniture and dark black bedroom carpet look great together. Brown and black is a simple color combination that goes a long way.

Patterned black carpet in the bedroom

Just because you’re getting deep, dark carpet for your bedroom, doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with it a bit. You can go a million and one different ways with patterned carpet, but a simple pattern in black and white usually does the trick.

High pile black carpet for bedrooms

If you’re going to have plush carpet, then why not have it in the bedroom? There’s just something so soothing and relaxing about super soft, super thick carpet in a bedroom — especially when it’s in such a deep, dark tone. Talk about calming!

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8 beautiful carpet ideas for bedrooms 

Are you looking for a few good carpet ideas for bedrooms? If so, you’ve landed in the right place. 

When it comes to bedroom carpet, there are a million and one different ways you can go — clean and dark, light and cozy, bright and fun, textured and modern… and so on and so forth.

In other words, don’t limit yourself to beige.

To drive this point home, we’ve laid out 8 different carpet ideas for bedrooms that look great in any space. Check them out below and don’t forget to save your favorite idea for later.

1. Dark gray carpet ideas for bedroom

This dark gray, almost concrete-like carpet color looks super clean and minimalistic. Plus, it looks extra nice paired with white, gray, and black decor.

3. Woven carpet

Woven carpet always looks interesting coupled with modern furniture. As an added benefit, this type of carpet is strong and durable — making it a great, family friendly choice.

5. Pretty in pink carpet ideas for bedroom

You don’t have to be a teenage girl to rock a pink carpet. In fact, high-quality pink carpet looks incredibly mature with light tones and strategically picked wall art.

6. (Light) green with envy

We’re hoping that light green carpet is finally about to get its day in the spotlight. It’s an underrated choice that can help create a soft and relaxed environment.

7. Charcoal carpet

If you’re in the market for something clean, modern, and bachelor-friendly, this might be the carpet for you.

8. Go bold or go home

When it comes to carpet, don’t be afraid to think in big, bold, colorful ways. Keep it contained to one bedroom (and maybe not the entire house), and it can become a beautiful statement piece.

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up close of white and brown living room carpet

7 brown carpet living room ideas you’re going to love

Interested in finding some unique and memorable brown carpet living room ideas for your home? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re shooting for dark or light, brown carpet is a highly underrated choice for living rooms. And we 100% back your decision to throw some brown tones into your space.

To help get the creative juices flowing, we’ve laid out 7 of our favorite brown carpet living room ideas. Take a look and don’t forget to save your favorite for later.

Dark brown carpet  + dark brown furniture

There’s something just so dreamy about this chocolatey duo. Most people wouldn’t dream about putting brown furniture with brown carpet, but in this case, it definitely works. Plus, can we take a minute to admire the low pile carpet?

Muted brown carpet with beige furniture and white decor

This muted brown, almost dark tan, living room carpet looks absolutely stunning paired with beige furniture, white decor, and dark brown accents. It’s old fashioned, yet modern all at the same time.

Wall to wall light brown living room carpet

Homeowners are usually all about baseboards — and in many cases, the higher the baseboard, the better. However, it seems like wall-to-wall carpet is gaining more and more popularity lately. And this example showcases why.

Green and brown 70s vibes

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this 70s-themed color scheme and decor is definitely memorable. If you’re looking to have a little bit of fun with your living room, this might be the way to go.

Low pile light brown living room carpet

Are you starting to notice a trend here? Low pile carpet in brown tones. It looks clean, sleek, and unique.

Multi-toned brown living room

We’re totally feeling this multi-toned brown living room. With a different brown tone for the sofa, carpet, rug, and decor, there’s definitely a unique and cozy vibe to this living room.

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