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Can you install carpet over tile?

Can you install carpet over tile? Yes, you can! In fact, many people decide to lay carpet over tile — as opposed to removing the tile first. This is because tile can be difficult (and expensive) to remove. If you don’t decide to remove the tile yourself, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a hefty fee. Installers usually charge quite a bit more to remove tile than they would charge to remove carpet or laminate.

If you are going to install carpet over tile, there are definitely some potential hurdles that could pop up. It’s important to go over these potential hurdles before getting started on a new carpet install. This way, you can avoid issues such as having to spend more money, restarting the job, or being left without enough product to finish a job.

For example, if you’re installing carpet over tile, it may be more difficult to shut doors (since the carpet will sit higher). This is something you’ll need to have a gameplan for before getting started. In these situations, many people will simply leave a small area of tile at the entrance and install carpet around that area. 

Another issue to consider is how big the grout lines are. When installing carpet, many installers will nail the tack strip to the grout lines. However, if these grout lines are wider than usual, it could cause installation issues. And if your carpet and padding is not thick enough, you could potentially feel the grout lines underneath your feet.

Keep in mind, these are only some of the most common hurdles you can face. There are many more to consider — like broken tile and baseboards that will sit too low. Make sure you speak with a knowledgeable carpet installer to go over all issues you could face when installing carpet over tile.

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