Office chair rests on top of commercial carpet and flooring.

Commercial Carpet

Carpet Cave has a large commercial carpet section in our store. From inexpensive and high-end commercial broadloom carpet to carpet tiles and carpet tile planks, we have the commercial carpet you need to complement any space.

We work with contractors, architects, building owners, and property management companies to satisfy the specifications and traffic demands you have. Check out our current specials.


Carpet, the choice of quiet softness

The flooring industry has made great technical innovations to improve performance and softness. Shaw has a new Lifeguard waterproof backing to stop liquids going through the carpet backing. Contrary to what doctors tell their asthma suffering patients, “Get rid of your carpet”, carpet acts like an air filter when your HVAC goes on to catch dust and allergens that can be vacuumed up with a Hepa filter. The more hard surface you have in your home the more dust bunnies and allergens become airborne.

Carpets today are designed to emit lower levels of VOCs than ever before, reducing your family’s exposure to chemicals and eliminating that “new carpet” smell for greater comfort and health as soon as your new floors are installed.

Choose Carpet for its Versatility
Why should you choose carpet as your next flooring solution? Whether you own a home or a commercial property, carpet can be the best choice when it comes to looks, feel, and function.

Carpet is available in an endless array of textures, patterns, and colors. There is no flooring option that is more versatile for a completely customized home or office.
When placed over a cold substrate, carpets offer insulating properties that can lower energy costs while providing added comfort underfoot.
Carpeting has a sound-absorbing effect, reducing excess noise for a quieter, more comfortable indoor environment, whether installed in a busy home or a professional office setting.