Hardwood Flooring

Carpet Cave has a large selection of hardwood flooring, including natural oil and hard-wax oiled wood floors.

These are the only wood floors we highly recommend.


A European Tradition – Benefits of Hard Wax Oil Floors

It’s been a long standing European tradition to use natural oils and waxes to nourish and protect hardwood floors. Hard wax oil is made from all natural ingredients including linseed oil, tung oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, resins, and colloidal clay. By combining the wood preserving qualities of the natural oils and the moisture repelling qualities of the waxes, hard- wax oil offers a high level of protection and durability.

Penetrates Deep into the Wood Fibers

Hard-wax oil penetrates deep into the wood fibers to protect from within while the wax remains on the surface creating a beautiful matte finish and protective layer while the ultimate color of the floor flourishes.

Water Repellent and Stain-Resistant

With hard-wax oil, the surface becomes water repellant and stain-resistant against liquids such as water, wine, soda and coffee.

Easy Repairs and Minimal Maintenance

Repairs are simple and minimal maintenance is required with a natural hard-wax oil floor. Spots and scratches can be minimized and often eliminated with buffing and a small application of hard-wax oil while weekly cleaning with an oil soap and a yearly application of a hard-wax oil to moisturize and condition the floor. Typically, an oiled floor can be maintained and renewed by the homeowner without the need for a professional service. There is no expensive equipment required. With proper care, a hard-wax oil floor will never need to be professionally sanded or coated.

In comparison, polyurethane and lacquer finishes commonly used today, create a thick film that lays on the surface of the wood. Repairs can be difficult because these finishes don’t bond chemically to previous layers and grip only where the surface has been thoroughly abraded. These floors typically need to be completely sanded down and re-finished

Integrates with the Wood

Hard-wax oil integrates with the wood allowing it to breathe. In contrast polyurethane or lacquer finishes are film-building coatings that don’t integrate with the wood resulting in a closed film that protects the surface, but doesn’t allow for the natural shifting of wood. Seasonal expansion and contraction in the wood allows small cracks to develop in the urethane coating enabling moisture to penetrate. This is why standing water will penetrate a coated floor much faster than a hard-wax oiled floor.

Long Lasting

Re-sanding is rarely needed on a hard-wax oil floor. With proper maintenance and cleaning, a hard-wax oil floor will last a lifetime and will maintain its genuine natural beauty. It will even enhance with time as the patina enriches itself with ongoing applications of maintenance oil. In contrast, polyurethane and lacquer finish floors need to be re-coated or re-sanded to maintain their original look.

Environmentally Friendly

Hard-wax oil has the most environmentally friendly benefits as a wood finish and contributes to a healthy living environment because it’s produced from natural ingredients.

Interesting Fact

The floors at Copenhagen Airport are finished with hard-wax oil and have never had to be refinished or replaced since they were installed in the 1960’s. The floors are walked on by over 18-million people a year.

“In Europe, every floor installed in public spaces, such as city halls and museums, are oiled floors and are well-maintained floors that were installed thirty to fifty years ago. A lacquered floor will never last this long. A well maintained oiled floor looks better and better with time while a lacquered floor can only decline with age”. Anthony’s Goddijin, DuChateau Master Craftsman


“The connection between nature and the individual must be met with truly innovative design if we are to ever fully appreciate the similarity and difference of the two.”

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Magnificent. Imposing. Castle Combe Grande has gone to great lengths, 9′ 2″ in fact, to create a rustic, seemingly ancient and awe-inspiring floor that will set you apart in grand fashion. An impressive 10.25″ wide adds further emphasis to a singularly unambiguous floor, bold in its beauty and design.

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Castle Combe provides the look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor and combines it with the modern performance features of a 21st century engineered floor. These inspiring, beautifully aged, handcrafted FSC® 100% floors may be the most interesting, unique, head-turning floor covering AND wall paneling you’ve seen in many years. State of the art aging techniques accentuate the natural character of the wood and the ancient appearance of each plank.

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Hand crafted, time tested, beautiful hardwood flooring for every style and every space. Mastery in design and expertise in construction of hardwood flooring is our specialty – and has been since our humble beginnings in 1956 LA! Every one of our diverse lines below are crafted from high quality hardwoods that are sustainably sourced and adhere to strict environmentally responsible standards. From the modern and cutting-edge to the classic and vintage-inspired, select the perfect floor for your space with the full confidence of our industry-leading warranties.

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EPIC Plus® features Stabilitek, the latest technology from the Shaw Hardwood Innovation Lab.

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Hardwood flooring can be an ideal flooring choice for just about any area of your home. Bruce hardwood floors are available in many colors and looks to match any style and decor. Browse our wood flooring to find wood floor that’s perfect for you.

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Traditional, Contemporary, or Casual. Whatever style you have in mind, we have galleries of flooring ideas to inspire you to achieve the look you want.

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The true essence of the American home is captured in the time-honored choice of high- quality hardwood flooring. Anderson Hardwood started as a small, family-owned business in 1946 and today is one of the nation’s leading hardwood manufacturers. Quality, style, innovation and design unite to offer American-made hardwood flooring with unmatched beauty and durability.

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Mannington hardwood floors are inspired by global influences, but interpreted with American home furnishing trends in mind. Choose from any collection for designs that look great and perform beautifully.

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Year over year, Provenza leads the industry in creating truly unique wood floors for both commercial and residential applications that reflect ever evolving design trends while exceeding expectations of a quality product backed by industry-standard warranties.

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Kährs of Sweden is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history that dates back to 1857. It is also the most innovative, with a history of wood floor inventions and innovations that span decades. They include the world’s first patented multi-layer wood floor in 1941; the world’s first water-based lacquer system in 1984, and the first ISO 14001 environmental management certification in 1997.

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Founded in 2001, LM Flooring is dedicated to the design and production of the highest quality engineered wood flooring. A subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd., LM Flooring pays the same attention to quality design and production as its parent company, one of the largest manufacturers of luxury furniture.

Our passion for quality and design is reflected in our more than 150 styles of wood flooring, all carefully crafted by veteran artisans. With advanced technologies, we achieve the highest precision in wood milling and fine Italian finishing.

Our wood flooring styles, made from both domestic and exotic species, range from traditional strip to wide plank, many with hand-crafted scraping and distressed designs. Our collections also include hand-inlaid borders, decorative patterns, and our newest commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood floors.

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