dark car inside a garage with carpet

Is garage carpet a good idea?

Is garage carpet a good idea? The answer to this question depends. It depends on why you want the garage carpet, what you do in your garage, and what type of carpet you pick for your garage. 

Let’s break this down a bit more.

What kind of carpet do you want for your garage?

If you want carpet in your garage, then it definitely can’t be the normal carpet you would use inside your home. This standard type of carpet will not work. Not only will it get damaged very quickly, but it’s also a fire hazard. This means you can’t resort to using leftover carpet from a previous home install.

Carpet made for living rooms and bedrooms can be hard to clean and can lead to a variety of issues if exposed to the wrong elements. Not only is it subject to mold and mildew, but if any automotive fluid is leaked onto the carpet, it can lead to a fire. Even the tiniest of sparks can cause a fire.

What type of carpet can go in the garage?

In some instances, you may really want to install carpet in the garage — even if it is prone to getting dirty. Maybe you want to keep an animal in there from time to time, convert the garage to a living space, or just make it look really nice. If any of these are the case, there are certain types of carpet that are able to withstand the garage environment. 

Typically, this means you need to settle for a carpet that is made of Olefin synthetic fibers or polypropylene fibers. This is because these materials are usually moisture-resistant and less susceptible to water damage and mildew. So much so, that these are often used in the interior of a vehicle

What are the pros and cons of garage carpet

Pros of garage carpet:

  • Looks nice 
  • Anti-slip
  • Vacuum to clean, as opposed to sweeping and mopping
  • Can sometimes be cheaper than indoor carpet
  • Can keep the garage warmer

Cons of garage carpet:

  • Not great if used around large projects or woodworking
  • Can become worn quickly
  • Doesn’t work well when heavy objects or automobiles are driven in and out on a consistent basis
  • Can be more difficult to clean up spills 
  • Can be difficult to move items with wheels around

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