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With the advent of the California drought it is making more sense to put in synthetic grass

Although the introductory cost of installing a natural lawn is less than half a synthetic lawn’s initial cost, a customer can potentially realize their return on investment in about 2.5 years.

For a typical 1,200 square foot natural grass lawn, the installation will cost about $2.50 per square foot, which totals at $3,000. With an irrigation system, the cost can add up to $4,500.

A standard 1,200 square foot synthetic grass lawn can cost about $8.00 per square foot and requires an initial investment of about $10,800.

After natural grass lawn maintenance, which includes irrigation, fertilization, chemicals, irrigation repairs, the total annual cost adds up to approximately $2,268.

A synthetic lawn requires little water along with an annual power brush cleaning to fluff the blades, which will cost about $175.

The choices to save money, time and water are yours! Consider these calculations and invest in a lawn that works for you.