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Do you need padding under carpet?

Do you need padding under carpet? Many people wonder this as they’re getting ready to purchase new carpet for their home or business. Padding, afterall, is just another added expense to the carpet install process (and you won’t even see it once everything is finished). 

This being said, is it absolutely necessary to install carpet padding underneath your new carpet?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes… it is absolutely necessary to install padding underneath carpet, and here’s why.

Carpet padding makes your carpet softer

Thin carpet is not comfortable for anyone. And even if you plan on buying the thickest, softest carpet around, it’s still going to seem thin without carpet padding underneath it. But not only that, your carpet will feel cheap, old, and dirty without padding underneath it.

Padding makes it easier to clean and maintain your carpet

If you don’t install carpet padding underneath your carpet, then there will be nothing for your carpet to latch onto. It’ll just be resting on top of your pre-existing ground floor. Because of this, when you try to vacuum or clean your carpet, there will be very little suctioning capability, and your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suck up all of the dirt.

Carpet padding keeps you warmer and quieter

The added layer of padding underneath your carpet works double-time. Not only will it absorb extra sound (especially if you’re walking on a second floor or up some stairs), but it will keep warmth in — which is especially useful during those cold winter months.

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