Don’t be fooled by Big Boxes and Outlets advertising free flooring installation or basic install for some unbelievable price.

The Big Boxes and Outlets and Liquidators hide the ‘Free Installation” in the overpriced carpet cushion.

Look at your total price after all the dust settles.

Carpet Cave measures your home for free…..the Big Boxes want $50.00 but waive it if you buy from them.

Carpet Cave has qualified experienced installers that are licensed and bonded that you will feel comfortable with in your home. The reason most people postpone getting new flooring is not necessarily because of money but because of the prospect of having to move all of their heavy furniture, appliances, nick knacks, and emptying out closets. The installers will charge extra for furniture moving, appliances, and carpet disposal off the job site. The more things you can move yourself can save you money. Pianos, Grandfather Clocks, Pool Tables, Entertainment Centers, Waterbeds, and Aquariums are extra charges above and beyond normal furniture moving.

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